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I’m really mad I’m not at Arashi’s concert rn actually 

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I can’t believe our state paid half a million dollars for a Japanese boy band to come and perform 

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bruh Hawai’i as in the state of Hawai’i paid $500,000 for Arashi to come and do 2 concerts in Hawai’i (which is tonight and tomorrow) 

Let me tell you our state is averaging a $25 million dollar profit from this and you guys wont believe how packed it is right now trying to get into the concert. It took almost 150 buses to get people here to tonights concert destination and theirs still people who are driving or taking city buses

this shit crazy

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Byou: Hey everyone~ this’s the 1st man in Japan to break his iPhone screen that everyone’s talking about rn!!
tweet | trans. cr: mou ichido
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are you shitting me ? Rui got himself a new iphone 6 and literally 20 minutes later he cracks the fucking screen




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